Descendants of Alberic Cyriel Osstyn

1 Alberic Cyriel Osstyn. Alberic died on 29-05-1908 in Izegem. Alberic married Celina Marie Declercq. Celina was born on 08-10-1878 in Izegem, daughter of Henri Declercq and Virginia Maria Coudenys. Celina married Adolf Francis Bincquet (born 1862) on 14-04-1909 in Izegem.
Child of Alberic and Celina:
1 Camiel Cyriel Osstyn, born on 06-07-1901 in Izegem. Follow 1.1.
1 Camiel Cyriel Osstyn
2 Yolande Sanders
1.1 Camiel Cyriel Osstyn (img. 1) was born on 06-07-1901 in Izegem, son of Alberic Cyriel Osstyn (see 1) and Celina Marie Declercq. Camiel died on 05-08-1953 in Roeselare, aged 52. Camiel married Yolanda (Yolande) Sanders (img. 2). Yolanda was born on 18-04-1902 in Zarren, daughter of ???? Sanders and Minne. Yolanda died on 04-03-1974 in Kortrijk, aged 71.
Child of Camiel and Yolanda:
1 Eliane Osstyn, born on 18-06-1933 in Roeselare. Follow 1.1.1.
3 Eliane Osstyn2
4 Trouwfoto Andre Lapeire-Eliane Osstyn1
5 Andre Lapeire4
1.1.1 Eliane Osstyn (img. 3) was born on 18-06-1933 in Roeselare, daughter of Camiel Cyriel Osstyn (see 1.1) and Yolanda (Yolande) Sanders. Eliane died on 29-03-2009 in Roeselare, aged 75. She was buried on 04-04-2009 in Izegem Sint Tillo kerk om 11 uur. Eliane married André Lapeire (img. 4 and 5). André was born on 31-05-1929 in Izegem, son of Camiel Lapeire and Philomena Olivier. André died on 11-02-2008 in Izegem, aged 78. He was buried on 16-02-2008 in Sint Tillokerk Izegem om 11 uur.
Children of Eliane and André:
1 Geert Lapeire. Follow
2 Martine Lapeire. Follow
3 Luc Lapeire. Follow Geert Lapeire, son of André Lapeire and Eliane Osstyn (see 1.1.1). Geert married Cecile Debyser.
Children of Geert and Cecile:
1 Katrien Lapeire [].
2 Karel Lapeire []. Martine Lapeire, daughter of André Lapeire and Eliane Osstyn (see 1.1.1).
Children of Martine from an unknown relationship:
1 Pieter??? [].
2 Veerle??? []. Luc Lapeire, son of André Lapeire and Eliane Osstyn (see 1.1.1). Luc married Denise Coppé.
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